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Get more reviews for your books with BookSends ARC!

The reviewers on our rapidly growing list are looking for their next great read in a variety of genres. Now’s the chance to boost your review count on Amazon, which will help demonstrate the appeal of your book and get you into Amazon’s algorithms.

All you need to do is select your genre, reserve an open date, and supply book files, cover image, and other details about your book below.

We are not accepting any new submissions at this time.

Author F.A.Q.

Can I submit a book even if it isn’t a new release?

Yes, no matter how new or old a book is, you’re welcome to reserve a date for it.

Should I have my book featured while it’s still available for pre-order?

We strongly recommend having your book featured once it has gone live on Amazon. Some readers may finish your book within a matter of days, and if they’re unable to write their reviews right away, there’s going to be some people who forget about it and move on. There’s no mechanism to try to contact specific reviewers to leave a review on your release date weeks after they’ve downloaded or read your book..

What if I’m not able to pay the invoice right away?

It’s important that invoices get paid right away, of course, because if they aren’t readers will not be able to download your book until it is. The more time that passes, the more likely the readers who wanted to read your book will give up and turn to something else.

What files do I need to reserve a date?

You don’t need any files or a link to your book’s Amazon product page in order to reserve a date, but you should get those to us as soon as you can and at least a couple of days before your book is set to run. If files are missing or your book’s Amazon page is not live yet, that may lead to reduced effectiveness and an inability to feature your book in the ARC Announcements Newsletter.

I have multiple books in a series I want to get reviews for. Can they be featured in one order?

Each reservation is for one book only, and trying to have reviewers read multiple books as part of one review is likely to be a little burdensome for them. We recommend spacing out the books in your series by 2 weeks so that those that have just finished the first one can continue on if they like. If you want reviewers to read the first book in a series and post their reviews on a product page for a series set, that is acceptable.

When should I start expecting the reviews to appear?

While we set a ‘deadline’ for reviewers to finish a book within 2 weeks, some may finish and write their reviews within a matter of a few days, depending on the length and appeal of the book. Some reviews may pop up after the 2 week deadline if the person had some extenuating circumstances.

What about if some reviewers don’t leave a review?

Ultimately, everything about this is voluntary. These are real readers who have lives but who have joined this program because they like reading and discovering new books. Not everyone who requested a copy may ultimately end up writing a review, but most of them should. Accountability for readers is extremely important, and they won’t be able to request more than 2 books at a time before they have to finish the reviews for them.

Can I still do this if I’m in KDP Select?

Yes, because we’re not making your book publicly available, you’re still complying with Amazon’s Terms and Conditions if you give away review copies through our service.

I’m having trouble making a Mobi file. Help!

You can make a Mobi file either by using the free program Calibre or if your book is live on Amazon by following these instructions to download the file from KDP.

I have other questions!

Be sure to contact us. We want to make sure this works as well as it possibly can for you.