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Why Should I join BookSends ARC?
If you're interested in getting new books for free, being willing to write a review will give you free access to books that wouldn't otherwise be free.
What does ARC stand for?
Advanced Review Copy
What do I need to do to participate?
It's important that when you request a book and receive it that you read the book in a timely manner, within a week or two. Once you've finished, you need to be able to leave your review on the book's page on Amazon. Amazon now requires readers to have spent $50 on Amazon before they can leave a review. If you're not eligible to write a review because of this, you won't be able to keep requesting books. Our authors expect to receive reviews on Amazon.
How much does it cost?
Becoming a BookSends ARC reviewer costs nothing. We will never send you a bill for receiving notifications about ARC opportunities or for receiving book files.
What if I want to stop being a reviewer?
You can stop and unsubscribe at any time, but if you've requested and received a book, you should read it and review it before you leave off. You can come back and resubscribe at any time.
How do I read the book files I receive?
There are a few different ways you can access the books. If you use a Kindle, you can use the MOBI file by transferring the file to your Kindle, finding the file, and opening it from on your device. If you have an @Kindle email address, you can send the file to your device for access there. A PDF file of the book can be read on your Kindle, phone, computer, or most any other device.
I'm not receiving any ARC notifications! Help!
If you're not receiving our emails, you'll first want to try adding to your Safe Sender or Contact list. If you were receiving our emails but they stopped suddenly, it's possible you accidentally marked them as Spam. You can check your spam folder for them. You'll also want to contact us to refresh your account.
When do I find out if my request was approved?
When you see a book you want to read and make a request for it, you should find out by the next day if you've been approved. You'll then be able to download the book and start reading.
What do I do after I leave my review on Amazon?
Once you've written your review, copy and paste it into your Dashboard on the right end of the section for your request for that book. Then we'll know you've written a review and you can make another request!
I missed a due date! Oh no!
If your review is a day or two late, it's OK. Just finish reading and then leave your review as soon as possible.
I'm having other problems!
Don't be afraid to Contact Us online or directly at if there's something that's still not clear or that you're unable to solve. We want to make sure that participating in the BookSends ARC program is easy and enjoyable for you.